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My Girls Eat Worms

Life with our Akha friends has been full of adventures, from arriving at a funeral covered in mud to extracting teeth, from naming children to burying loved ones. Each of these adventures has been a part of the history we have built here over the past seven years. As we have patiently earned relational equity, God has continued to change and challenge us in ministry, and most recently He is challenging us to oversee production of Akha language media – movies, clips, music – and empower the Akha people to share their own stories and lives. We’re doing this in partnership with Project Video and Akha Outreach Foundation under the banner of Akha Outreach Media.

We are in the middle of dubbing a major production, the Book of Acts, into Akha, but because it is the season for bamboo worms we paused the Acts project to put together a short video to teach the lesson of James 1 which teaches about our path from Preperation to Pain to Perseverance to Perfection. The video is centered around a typical Akha experience: the gathering of bamboo worms in the early fall.

Our entire family went up for a weekend to work on this film with our Akha team of actors and production crew. In our 7 years here, we have grown comfortable eating what we like to call “exotic” foods, but can still relate to the many people who would simply call them “gross”. Intestines, fat, skin, hair, blood, fermented meat, raw meat, birds, dog, bugs and worms have all become common encounters. A few of these items have become favorites, but some still require a big breath before I dive in. Bamboo worms fall in this last category.

But our girls have grown up in a world where a bamboo hut is more common than a skyscraper, and where bamboo worms are as much of an annual experience as a turkey at thanksgiving. So it is through their eyes that I want to share with you the joy of eating bamboo worms:

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5 Responses to “My Girls Eat Worms”

  1. Katherine Alexander, Oct 16, 2012 Reply

    Hi guys loved the video. I too have eaten bamboo worms. They aren’t bad. The ones I ate were not freshly fried like the ones you have in your video. Nonetheless they were tasty. Hope you are well and are enjoying life, family and ministry.

  2. Marlene Folsom, Oct 16, 2012 Reply

    I can’t wait to see you all in Jan/Feb. I’m planning to bring my 30 year old niece with me, for the Women’s Conference.
    She is excited to meet you
    My love in Christ,

  3. Jason Maloney, Oct 19, 2012 Reply

    Paul and Lori,
    we at Upland Foursquare want you to know that you and your girls are in our prayers. Thank you for your faithfulness in reaching the people of Thailand. Maybe some day we can connect in Thailand.

  4. I just found your blog. I have not worked with the Akha, but I have lived with the Hmong for a season, and I lived in Chiang Mai for two years as well while studying Thai. I liked your FB and would love to follow you more. I love, love the hilltribes. Let me know how I can be specifically praying for the Akha people.

  5. Marlene! We can’t wait to see you when you visit this year, Looking forward to ministering along side you again!

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